Scholarships & Awards

Ochs Scholarship

The Ochs Scholarship was established in 1994 from a bequest by Maud Lillian Ochs, and is awarded annually by the British Archaeological Association for research projects which fall within the Association鈥檚 fields of interest. These are defined as the study of archaeology, art and architecture from the Roman period until the nineteenth century, principally within Europe. The scholarships are intended to provide post-graduate students striving to write up theses with late stage funding. To be eligible聽 the thesis must be capable of completion within the period of the Scholarship, which is for one year from a nominated starting date by the end of the calendar year in which the scholarship is awarded. Thus, an application made in early 2024 might have a nominated starting date of October 2024 and result in the submission of a thesis by October, 2025. Applications where a substantial amount of fieldwork remains to be done are unlikely to succeed.

The next closing date for applications is 1 February, 2024.

Grants for research projects conducted either privately or under the umbrella of a larger organisation, such as a local history or archaeology society are also available.

Winners of the Ochs Scholarship

Year Winner Title Research
2023 Nicola Hurt Roman folding knife handles in the northwest provinces Ph.D
2023 Teresa Martinez Masons鈥 Marks, Echoes of the Labour Force: Medieval Construction and Workshop Organisation in Zamora, 11th -13th Centuries Ph.D
2022 Olivia Croyle The Metal Letter in Medieval London, 1100鈥1475 Ph.D
2022 Susannah Kingwill The Cross - Relic, Object, and Symbol at the Valois Courts During the Reigns of Charles V and VI of France (1360 to 1422) Ph.D
2021 Christina Smith The British High Cross to 1100: Context, Form Development Ph.D
2021 Charlotte Wytema Immaculate Propaganda? The Emergence, Function and Dissemination of the Virgin with Fifteen Symbols Imagery in Europe, 1500-1546 Ph.D
2020 Alice Rose Life in Medieval Cambridge: A Multi-Isotopic Analysis of Diet and Mobility Ph.D
2020 Veronica Smith Forgotten Glasswords: Secular Stained and Decorative Glass of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Ph.D
2019 Costanza Beltrami Reassessing the Late Gothic Master Mason: Juan Guas (active 1453鈥1496) and 鈥楬ispano-Flemish鈥 Architecture in Castile Ph.D
2019 Penelope Coombe Figural Sculpture in Roman Britain and its Continental Context D.Phil
2019 Amanda Doviak At Cross Purposes? Sacred and Secular Figural Iconography of the High Cross in the Northern Danelaw c. 850-1000 Ph.D
2019 Nicola Lowe Strategies for Commemoration amongst parish laity, c.1300-1350: Three Case Studies from Rural Oxfordshire Ph.D
2019 Katie Harrison Illuminating Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Fifteenth-century St Cuthbert Window at York Minster Ph.D
2018 Sarah Cassell Structure and Image in Late Medieval East Anglian Angel Roofs Ph.D
2018 Sophie Kelly Imagining the Unimaginable: The Iconography of the Trinity in England c.1000-c.1300 Ph.D
2018 Anastasia Moskvina Alignment and Axiality in Anglo-Saxon Architecture from the Sixth to the Ninth Centuries Ph.D
2017 Rachel Delman Elite Female Constructions of Power and Space in England, 1444-1541 D.Phil
2017 Karen Brett 'Spitting on an Angel, Trampling a Saint': Reading the English Medieval Tile Pavement Ph.D
2016 Maeve O'Donnell-Morales Castilian Altars and Altar Furnishings in the 13th and 14th Centuries Ph.D
2016 Agata Gomolka Petrified Passions: Bodily Rhetoric in Monumental Sculpture, 1100-1260 Ph.D
2016 Marie-Helene Groll Thomas and Drake and the Transatlantic Trade in Stained Glass Ph.D
2015 Harriet Mahood The Medieval Ecclesiastical Gatehouse: Design, Function and Context Ph.D
2015 Lizzie Swarbrick The Art and Architecture of the Collegiate Churches of Medieval Scotland c.1248 to c.1560 Ph.D
2014 Michaela Z枚schg Rich Queens, Poor Clares: Space, Image and Audience in Royal Clarrisan Foundations in Late Medieval Europe Ph.D
2014 Audrey Thorstad The Role of Castles and Martial-Style Architecture in Early Tudor England, 1485-1547 Ph.D
2013 Amanda Dotseth San Quirce de Burgos: Piety and Patrimony Ph.D
2013 Gabriel Byng Parish Church Building and the Later Medieval Economy Ph.D
2013 Philippa Turner Devotional Images in the cathedrals of York and Durham c.1350-c.1540 Ph.D
2012 Jana Gajdo拧ov谩 A Podium for Ceremony: The Role of the Charles Bridge in Medieval Prague Ph.D
2012 Helen Lunnon Studies in Medieval English Church Porches Ph.D
2011 James Snyder A Study of the Mortars from the C4 Wall Constantinople Ph.D
2011 Nivien Speith Skeletal Evidence of Social Persona in C5-C7 Germany Ph.D
2011 Emma Wells Role of Art and Arch. in Med. Pilgrimage Experience Ph.D
2010 Emily Guerry The Martyrdom Murals in the Sainte-Chapelle, Paris Ph.D
2010 Eleanor McCullough Laypeople's Participation in Medieval Liturgy & Devotion Ph.D
2009 Stefania Gerevini Re-use of Byzantine Artworks in Medieval Italy Ph.D
2009 Georges Kazan Cults and Relics in Constantinople c. 330-843 D.Phil
2008 Lydia Carr Tessa Verney Wheeler: Women and Archaeology D.Phil
2008 Dragan Mladenovi膰 The Romanisation of the Province of Moesia Superior D.Phil
2008 Simon Davies Figurative Sculpture in 9th-12th-Century Constantinople D.Phil
2007 Andreas Puth Reconsidering Habsburg Representation c.1360-c.1490 Ph.D
2007 Saskia Stevens City Boundaries and Urban Expansion in Roman Italy D.Phil
2006 Heather Gilderdale The Stained Glass of Great Malvern Priory, c.1430-1501 Ph.D
2006 Stephen Hanley Function of optical devices in the art of Jan van Eyck Ph.D
2005 Claudia Marx Late Victorian Restoration at Peterborough Cathedral Ph.D
2005 Mavis Nwokobia Picturing Pompeii: Victorian Classical Painting 1860-1914 Ph.D
2005 Agnieszka Sadraei St Stanislaus and the Art of the Polish Kings 1200-1490 Ph.D
2004 Thorsten Hanke Post-medieval roof architecture in N-E Britain M.Phil
2003 Liz Stewart Historic Building Reconstruction since c.1877 Ph.D
2003 Judith Cannell Archaeology of Woodland Exploitation in Exmoor Ph.D
2002 Jackie Hall Croxden Abbey: Buildings and Community Ph.D
2001 Zo毛 Opaci膷 The Emmaus Monastery and the Patronage of Charles IV Ph.D
2001 Kate Welham Compositional Homogeneity of Medieval Glass Ph.D
2000 Duncan Givans English Romanesque Tympana c.1050-c.1200 Ph.D
2000 Abigail Wheatley The Idea of the Castle in Late Medieval England Ph.D
1999 William Bowden The Archaeology of Late Antique Epirus Ph.D
1998 Peter Hammond Clay Pipe Manufacturing Industry of London Ph.D
1997 Linda Ebbatson Hist. of Archaeology: Context and Discourse 1845-1942 Ph.D
1997 David Haycock Intellectual Writings and Context of William Stukely Ph.D
1996 Kathleen Lane Architectural Sculpture in Romanesque England Ph.D
1996 Julia Watson Patrons and Sculptors in Late 14th-Century France Ph.D
1995 Tim Ayers The Painted Glass of Wells Cathedral Ph.D
1995 Gill Chitty John Ruskin and the Historic Environment Ph.D
1995 Helen List English Aristocratic tombs; Ecclesiastical and Secular Ph.D
1995 David Williams Corpus of Late Anglo-Saxon Stirrup Mounts Ph.D